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JANUARY 8 Mediterranean Lifestyle (Diet), Pam Ramey

FEBRUARY 12 Kitchen Herbs, Dee Pelewski

MARCH 11 Air Propagation, Milton Evans and Abdul Hafeez


JANUARY 9 No Meeting, UGA/TCU game night

FEBRUARY 13 Mushrooms!, Virgil Peterson

MARCH 13 Buy Plants or Start Your Own Seed, Don Williamson

APRIL 10 BUGS in the Garden, Vickie Coker

MAY 8  Favorite Garden Tools, Show & Tell, members' presentations

JUNE 12 Wows & Woes, group discussion

JULY 10  Food Preservation, Elizabeth Andress

AUGUST 14  The Fascinating World of Fungi, Sam Landes and Cornelia Cho of the Mushroom Club of Georgia

SEPTEMBER 11  Making Sourdough Bread, Becky Hile

OCTOBER 9  Sharping Knives, Blades & Chains, Oh MY!, Don Williamson

NOVEMBER 13  This Year’s Garden: Successes and Failures, group discussion

DECEMBER 11  Christmas Party, PlowShare website, Carol Williamson

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