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Hello All,

     PlowShare will meet at 6:30 PM on Monday, April 10th at the Georgia Farm Bureau building in Crawford. We will start the meeting with our usual potluck followed by a presentation by Vickie Coker entitled Bugs in the Garden. This will be a discussion on common insects and spiders found in and around our Oglethorpe gardens, including beneficials, pests and the just plain beautiful.

     Our last frost date may have already occurred, however, officially we are not out of the frosty woods until about the middle of April. If you find you have started way too many plants this spring for your needs, please consider sharing some of them with others. There will be 2 door prize tables available at this meeting. We are happy to announce last month was our largest gathering ever with 55 members in attendance! We hope to see you there!

Don & Carol
Steven & Vickie

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