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Hello All,

   PlowShare will meet on Monday, April 8th at 6:30 PM at the Georgia Farm Bureau building between Crawford and Lexington. Our usual potluck will be followed by a presentation by Taylor Jenkins and Kristin Newton from Farm 441 at Thomas Orchards near Watkinsville. They will talk about how to care for potted plants: mediums, fertilization, watering, light requirements, etc., and how to get seedlings off to a good start in your garden. Kristin will also discuss succulents: watering, fertilization, sun exposure, and container planting.
   April is the most important time of the year in our gardens. Time permitting we will discuss the things we all should be doing to prepare our beds, with special interest on early weed prevention methods.
   As always, the door prize table will be accepting anything you may wish to share with others. If you have more seeds or seedlings than you need, think about dropping them off at the table.
   We hope to see you…

Don & Carol

Steven & Vickie

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